About Us

Resource Management

  1. Managing the North American interests of quality manufacturers of automotive parts and components
  2. Leveraging 35+ years of experience in this market to help them achieve their corporate goals.

Integrated Quality

What we bring to the table;

  1. Partnering with quality manufacturers
  2. Applying an ever evolving system of checks and balances
  3. Maximizing the value proposition of working together to bring consistently high quality products to market

The principals of Vantage Marketing have been involved in the automotive sector for over 35 years, working in all aspects of the industry from OEM manufacturing to distribution, marketing and sales, and just about everything in between.

For the past 20+ years we have worked closely with international manufacturers of automotive replacement parts, establishing relationships on four continents. During that period we have been fortunate to visit over 450 factories manufacturing everything from OEM body stampings, to forgings, and various manufacturers of electronic sensors and switches, as well as automotive, motorcycle, agricultural, industrial, and off-road vehicle assembly plants; Ferrari, Polaris…..John Deere…etc.

We consider ourselves “parts people”. If we don’t see it being made, if we aren’t confident of the quality controls in place and the integrity of the management team, we don’t get involved. It has to pass the “IQ Seal of Approval”.

Opportunity, Value and Risk

In every business venture opportunities present themselves. With every opportunity there is value, and there is risk.

Value = Benefit / Cost
(cost includes “risk”)
Risk = the possibility that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen

We apply our principles of Integrated Quality to everything we do. The end result is “sustainable value”; the best products at the best price, with the least amount of risk. There is no value in the cheapest product if it causes problems and comebacks.

With IQ, “Value” is maximized, the “Benefit” remains strong while true “Cost” is decreased when “Risk” is minimized or eliminated.

Vantage Marketing

Established 1998

Vantage Marketing

Incorporated 2003

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